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The Woodlands Pool Rules:
The rules are as follows:

1) I (we) will show the pool pass upon entry to acess the pool.

2) I (we) agree that any guest(s) must be accompanied by a pass bearing member. I (we) further agree to pay a fee per adult guest and / or per child guest (16 years and under is defined as a child). I (we) agree to pay this fee to the pool staff upon entry to the pool.

3) I (we) agree that prior to entry into the pool that I (we) will shower and use the foot bath.

4) I (we) agree that no swimming is permitted when the lifeguard staffed is not on duty.

5) I (we) agree that any child 16 or under must be accompanied by a pass carrying adult.

6) I (we) agree that any child 16 or under cannot enter the pool after dark unless accompanied by a pass carrying adult.

7) I (we) agree that I (we) shall not bring any child to the pool area that is suffering from a contagious disease.

8) I (we) agree that any child in my family that is not toilet trained will be wearing a swim diaper that is designed to be worn in a pool and wear a bathing suit. I (we) agree that no cloth or disposable diapers will be used. I (we) further agree to accept complete responsibility should my child accidentally discharge feces into the pool. I (we) understand and agree that I (we) will be obligated to pay all costs associated with the draining, cleaning and refilling of the pool.

9) I (we) will not leave a child unattended at any time for any reason whatsoever. I (we) will not use the lifeguards and/or staff members as baby sitters.

10) I (we) agree that I (we) will not bring small toys into the pool area.

11) I (we) agree that no child may go into the pool wearing a cast.

12) I (we) agree that no glass objects are permitted in the swim club area, and that anyone getting a cut must see the lifeguard for first aid.

13) I (we) agree that the pool will not be used to wash the cut.

14) I (we) agree that no food and/or beverages are permitted within three (3) feet of the pool.

15) I (we) agree that I (we) will use the bathroom to clean any food products and not the pool.

16) I (we) agree upon leaving the pool area to clean up and to leave no unwanted objects either on or about the area which I (we) used.

17) I (we) agree that there is absolutely no running, diving or roughhousing in or about the pool area.

18) I (we) will not bring a dog or any other small animal into the swim club area.

19) I (we) agree that I (we) will not use sneakers, shoes, flippers or diving footwear while swimming in the pool. Swim shoes are permitted.

20) I (we) agree that any guest shall be advised of these pool rules and he/she shall be required to acknowledge and agree to them.

21) Any shareholder who is thirty (30) days delinquent (past due) on their maintenance payment late charge, legal fees or fines shall have their pool privileges suspended until such time as all monies are PAID IN FULL.