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The Woodlands Community House and Grounds Rules: Effective March 5, 2013

Please be advised the Board of Directors ("Board") of The Woodlands Apt. Corp. (the "Co-op") has revised the Co-op's House Rules by deleting the existing House Rules in their entirety and replacing same with a new set of House Rules as follows:


1) The public walks, common hallways, stairways and exteriors of the buildings shall not be obstructed or used for any purpose other than to enter or exit the Apartments in the Buildings. The fire hydrants and stairways must not be obstructed in any way.

2) No common hall or above floor of the building shall be decorated or furnished by any Lessee or resident in any manner without the prior written consent of the Co-op's Board of Directors.

3) Smoking or carrying of any open flame is prohibited in any enclosed common areas (e. g. common hallways, laundry room, pool house and building basements). However, smokers may use the designated smoking area at the pool. Smoking is defined to include carrying, burning or otherwise handling or controlling any chewed, lighted, electric or smoldering product containing tobacco or any other substance or item which can be smoked including, but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars or pipes or any other type of smoking apparatus. Lessee is responsible for the compliance with this House Rule, all permitted occupants who reside within Lessee's Apartment, and for all family members, guests, and invitees of such Lessee.

4) No ball playing or games/activities that involve running of any kind will be permitted in any of the public portions of the property which includes courtyards, lawns, sidewalks, parking areas and any other public portion of the property or Buildings, including the basements of the Buildings.

5) Bicycles, scooters, wagons, skateboards or any other similar recreational equipment shall not be ridden or used on any of the lawns or common areas. Walking paths (sidewalks), when used by toddlers, must be under the supervision of an adult. Rollerblading will be restricted to the roadways only and helmets must be worn at all times while rollerblading or using a bicycle, skateboard or other such recreational equipment on The Woodlands' grounds. Notwithstanding the foregoing, use of any such recreational equipment shall be at the operator's sole risk and the operator must exercise caution when using same so as to prevent injury to the operator and residents of the Co-op.

6) No Lessee/resident will make or permit to be made any disturbing or unreasonably loud noises in the building (or common areas) which will interfere with the rights, comfort, or convenience of other Lessees/residents 10 p.m. to 8:30 a.m. weekdays and 11 p.m. to 9 a.m. weekends. Also, no Lessee/resident will play or allow to be played any musical instrument, television, CD/DVD player, or any electronic device in such Lessee's/resident's Apartment or common area at any unreasonable and/or disturbing level during these hours.

7) No construction or repair work or other installation involving noise will be conducted in any Apartment except on weekdays (not including legal holidays) between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5 :00 p.m. and on Saturdays between the hours of 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Construction or repair work is prohibited on Sundays. Contractors should be fully licensed and insured as required. Such construction, repair work, renovations or installation must comply with House Rule 39, below, and Appendix #1 of the House Rules.

8) No house or vehicle alarm shall be permitted to continue for an unreasonable length of time at any hour.

9) No articles shall be placed in the common hallways, on the staircase landing, nor shall anything be hung or shaken from the windows or balconies or placed upon the windowsills of the buildings and/or apartments. All flower boxes, planters, and decorations on balcony railings must be properly secured. Wet boots or footwear may be temporarily placed on a water resistant mat immediately outside the resident's apartment door in inclement weather provided it does not impede or present an obstacle or danger to other people.

10) No signs, notices, advertisements or illumination shall be inscribed or exposed on or at any window or other part of the Buildings (other than temporary holiday decorations, which may be put up no earlier than one (1) month before such holiday and must be removed no later than one (l) week following such holiday), except such as shall have been approved in writing in advance by the Board of Directors.

11) No items except appropriate and unobtrusive storage units (i.e. Rubbermaid type), outdoor furniture, planters, bicycles, and electric barbecue equipment may be kept on the balconies/terraces. All of these items must be kept in good condition. Barbecuing with electric barbecue equipment is permitted only on the balconies/terraces as determined by the Board of Directors and The Woodlands' Management in accordance with all local and state laws regarding same. Barbecuing with charcoal is absolutely prohibited anywhere on The Woodlands' grounds. Propane barbecuing is only permitted at the pool house outer area with equipment that is supplied by The Woodlands.

12) Air conditioning units are to be placed in the pre-existing wall sleeves that are designed for such purpose and are presently located in the living room and master bedroom areas. Additional air conditioning units may be placed in windows of second bedrooms of simplex and duplex units only. All air conditioning units must be maintained in good working order, be in good appearance, and not be unreasonably noisy as to interfere with others' right to quiet enjoyment. All air conditioning units that are installed in a window should be properly secured and must be removed from the window no later than October 1st and installed no earlier than April 1st. Air conditioning units that remain in the pre-existing wall sleeves during the winter months must be properly winterized with a cover to minimize heat loss and/or water damage. If the unit that was placed in the pre-existing wall unit is removed during the winter months, then the wall sleeve must be closed up with the framed metal lid that is provided for such purpose. In the event any air conditioning sleeve is misaligned so that an air conditioning unit cannot be placed in the sleeve, said shareholder/resident will be allowed to place their air conditioners in their Apartment windows. Upon completion of repairs to air conditioner sleeves, window air conditioners will no longer be permitted, except in the second bedroom of duplex and simplex units where no sleeve is provided. Any questions about compliance should be addressed to the Superintendent.

Garbage and refuse from Apartments must be disposed of only in designated dumpsters. At no time shall garbage or refuse be allowed to accumulate or be stored in the hallways, terraces/balconies, entranceways or courtyards. Garbage/refuse shall not be placed next to, behind, in front of, or on top of dumpsters. Garbage receptacles located at the mailboxes, pool house, and laundry room are not for household garbage or pet waste. All large items (including, but not limited to, furniture, carpeting, large appliances, and construction debris) are to be disposed of in the designated area at the end of Arch Lane. No outside garbage is to be brought in for disposal in the community's dumpsters. Garbage must also be promptly removed from apartments so as to prevent health hazards.

14) Bathrooms and other water apparatus in the buildings (including the pool house and laundry room) shall not be used for any purpose other than for which they were constructed, nor shall any sweepings, rubbish, rags or any other article be thrown into these areas/apparatus. The Lessee/resident responsible shall pay for the cost of repairing any damage resulting from misuse or negligence towards any of the aforementioned apparatus.

15) No Lessee/resident shall be permitted to instruct or request any Co-op employee to utilize or take any of the Corporation's equipment out of the building/property on any private business.

16) No portion of the Buildings' exterior may be painted by the Lessee/resident or any of their agents. Notwithstanding the foregoing, railings, doors and decks must adhere to the present approved color scheme of the property. If an unapproved color is used, restaining shall be at the cost of the shareholder. Contact Superintendent or check Woodlands Web site for approved list of deck stains. Also no storm doors shall be installed other than pre-approved (style and color) by the Board of Directors.

17) Any resale of an Apartment by the Shareholder/Lessee must be approved in writing by the Board of Directors. Any prospective buyer and all proposed occupants of the Apartment (including family members) must be approved in writing by the Board prior to any resale. The Board may, in its sole discretion, require an interview of the applicant and all prospective occupants as part of the application process. Notice of resale must be made known to designated Property Management Company. All re-sales must also comply with House Rule #38 herein below.

18) All requests to the Board of Directors must be made in writing in accordance with the Coop's Proprietary Lease and all approvals issued by the Board must be evidenced in writing.

19) All residents, Lessees, and/or sub-Lessees are required to receive a copy of these House Rules and adhere to them as well as to future amendments, additions, or deletions. It is the responsibility of the Shareholder to ensure that all of the Shareholder's family members, guests, invitees, and/or subtenants comply with these House Rules.

20) No radio, television, reception dish or aerial of any kind shall be attached to or hung from the exterior of any building or in any other area of the property without the Board's prior written approval. All reception dishes must be removed prior to moving out of any apartment and the return of move-out security fee.

21) The Co-op's Board of Directors reserves the right to determine storage policy and fees. Requests for use of storage areas must be made in writing to the Superintendent. Any use of storage at the Premises is at the sole risk of the Shareholder.

22) The floors of each Apartment must be covered with area rugs or carpeting and both require padding or with an equally effective noise reducing material (unless authorized expressly by the Board in writing in each case) and eighty (80%) percent of the floor area of each room must be covered by rugs, carpets and padding, except kitchens, pantries, bathrooms, closets and foyers. Staircases in duplexes must also be covered with rugs or carpeting or with an equally effective noise-reducing material. An inspection of each Apartment will be scheduled at the closing of the purchase and issuance of stock and a proprietary lease attributable to said Apartment or at such other date and time requested by the Co-op or its Managing Agent to ensure compliance with this House Rule. The inspection must occur within thirty (30) days of the date of said closing or notice of the Co-op's request for such inspection. Access to the Apartment must be provided to the Co-op for said purpose on the date and time scheduled.

23) No group or exhibition of any Apartment or its contents shall be conducted (e.g. yard sale), nor shall any auction sale be permitted in any Apartment.

24) The use of the pool and any of its facilities as well as all Pool Rules are determined by the Board of Directors. All Pool Rules (which are posted at the pool) are considered an extension of these House Rules, are incorporated herein by reference and must be strictly adhered to.

25) Any request for group gathering, (i.e., parties, etc.) on any common portion of the property must be requested in writing to the Board at least thirty (30) days prior to the date requested along with all pertinent information in connection with such event and must be approved by the Board, in writing, before any such gathering commences. All House Rules must be strictly adhered to during any approved gatherings.

26) There shall be no disorderly or reckless congregating or behavior of any kind on the property or any public portions of the property or buildings.

27) No balcony shall be enclosed, decorated or covered by an awning or adherence without the prior written approval of the Board of Directors. Each individual shall keep his/her balcony/terrace free from snow/ice/water and the individual shall not paint his/her balcony/terrace or affix objects of any kind to its walls, floor, or railing without the written request and subsequent approval of the board. Specifications and applications for the installation of decks are available from the Superintendent.

28) Each individual shall keep his/her Apartment, balcony/terrace and common area in a good state of repair and cleanliness and shall not sweep or throw, or allow to be swept or thrown, any dirt, litter or other substance(s) from the doors, windows, or terraces/balconies.

29) The Lessee/resident shall keep the windows of the Apartment clean, both inside and outside. In case of refusal or neglect of the Lessee/resident after notice in writing from the Lessor, Managing Agent, or Lessor may clean the window(s) and charge the cost of such cleaning to the Lessee as additional maintenancelrent due pursuant to the tem1S of the Proprietary Lease.

30) Requests for the installation of child window guards (at the Lessee's expense) shall be made in writing to the Co-op's Board of Directors.

31) Following prior written notification to the Lessee, the authorized agents, contractors, workers, etc., of the Lessor may enter the Apartment at any reasonable hour of the day for inspecting such Apartment to ascertain whether measures are necessary or desirable to control any vermin, insect, or other pests. If the Lessor takes measures to exterminate, the cost thereof shall be payable by the Lessee as additional rent/maintenance due pursuant to the terms of the Proprietary Lease.

32) No windows shall have any coverings on them other than proper window dressings. No sheets, ripped/torn blinds, or any other coverings that are found to be inappropriate as determined by the Board will remain after notification is served. Improvised window treatments will be allowed for a period of 2 weeks after a move in or during a painting or construction job, i.e., sheets. After 2 weeks, commercially-made temporary window coverings are acceptable for extended use. If any improvised window coverings remain more than 14 days after the date of notification, a fine may be assessed.

33) MOVE IN/OUT RULES - Any Lessee (seller of the Apartment), purchaser of an Apartment and subtenant, upon moving in or out of an Apartment, must abide by the following:

    a) Arrangements for moving in or out have to be made through the property management office.

    b) Licensed and insured movers must be used. A Certificate of Insurance evidencing Liability and Workers Compensation coverage and a copy of the business license must be sent to the Managing Agent prior to the move for approvaL

    c) All moves-ins and moves-outs require a security deposit in the amount of $300.00 to be sent to the Managing Agent prior to same. Such checks shall be made payable to: "The Woodlands Apt. Corp." and delivered to the Co-op's Managing Agent at least seven (7) days prior to the move-in or move-out. The security deposit is refundable after the move and upon completion of an inspection and detemination that no damage has been caused.

    d) The Board shall be authorized to withbold all or a portion of the security deposit based upon its discretion of the amount of damage caused, if any, by the move-in and/or move-out and same shall be deemed additional maintenance/rent pursuant to the Proprietary Lease and as such, non-payment of same shall be considered nonpayment of maintenance and shall accordingly entitle the Co-op to the remedies set forth in the Proprietary Lease for non-payment of maintenance. This provision shall not limit the Lessor's remedies and the Lessor is entitled to seek remedies provided by the Proprietary Lease, By-Laws and these House Rules,

    e) The Superintendent is to supervise an moves-in and moves-out.

    f) The Lessee shall be responsible for the Move-In/Move-out fee of his/her/their subtenant.

34) There are to be NO deliveries of heavy merchandise (furniture, appliances, carpeting etc.) on Sundays. All deliveries must be completed by 5:00 pm on Saturdays.

35) Any repairs found to be the responsibility of the Shareholder, but repaired by The Woodlands' staff will be billed at a rate pre-determined by the Board before any work begins and said cost will be deemed additional maintenance/rent pursuant to the terms of the Proprietary Lease.

    a) The speed limit in the Co-op's Parking Facilities and roadways is ten (10) miles per hour and must be obeyed at all times.

    b) No vehicle belonging to a Lessee or to a member of the Lessee's family or guest, or employee of a Lessee shall be parked in such manner as to impede or prevent ready access to any entrance of the Building by another vehicle.

    c) Motor vehicles, including motorcycles, are permitted to park in paved areas only, not on any walkway, driveway, lawn area, or restricted area. Vehicles are not permitted to be driven on any walkway or lawn area.

    d) No motor vehicles or marine craft of any kind may be repaired or worked on (other than tire changing) on the property. washing is permitted so long as the area is cleaned upon completion.

    e) Residents are entitled to two (2) parking spots per household, provided there are two (2) licensed drivers residing in the household. Each licensed driver must have their car, driver's license and insurance card registered to the address if they reside at The Woodlands for up to 12 months a year. Parking spots are allocated on a first come first served basis and are not permanenty assigned to any given unit upon resale or otherwise.

    f) Any visitor determined by the Board to abuse parking privileges shall cause fines and/or monthly fees to be assessed to the Shareholder/resident they are visiting and may have his/her parking privileges revoked.

    g) No shareholder or resident shall be permitted to park any boat, trailer, off track vehicle, RV, camper, bus, truck, snowmobile or any commercial or recreational vehicle on the premises. You may take advantage of 24 hours to unpack your vehicle upon arrival.

    h) Any POD or portable storage unit must be approved in writing in advance by the Board who shall then inform the Property Manager so that arrangements can be made with the Superintendent and shareholders in the vicinity. No POD or portable storage unit may remain on the Co-op's premises for more than 30 days and must be placed only in the location approved by the Co-op's Board of Directors.

    i) Any guest of a Shareholder anticipating parking on the premises for a period of seven (7) days or more must have a special parking permit from the Superintendent. It is the shareholder's responsibility to obtain this, in advance, for his Iher guests.

    j) Any vehicle within the complex must be presentable and in good condition (i.e. - not an "eyesore" to the community). Piles of household goods, machinery and/or other large equipment in a car or pickup must have a covering (i.e. tarp, canvas, etc.) to camouflage its appearance.

    k) No commercial vehicles are allowed in the parking facilities except for deliveries expressly authorized.

    l) Parking must be within the lines of the parking space.

    m) All posted signs regarding the parking facilities must be complied with by Shareholders/Licensees, Owners and operators of vehicles.

    n) The use of the Co-op's parking facility is at the sole risk of the Shareholder, Occupant and Lessee. Co-op/Lessor, its Managing Agent and the Board of Directors of the Co-op make no representations and/or warranties of any kind regarding the safety of said facility and are NOT RESPONSIBLE for any personal injuries or property loss resulting from including, but not limited to, invitees, intruders, burglars, criminals or vandals entering into the designated parking areas REGARDLESS of how said persons gained access to said parking area.

    o) There shall be no long-term parking/storage of any vehicle on the property; unauthorized or non-resident vehicles left parked for more than 2 weeks will be "stickered" and towed at the owner's expense. Any vehicle that is unregistered, whose inspection has lapsed, or is in disrepair will be stickered and towed at the owner's expense within 48 hours of notice from the Superintendent/staff/Board of Directors.

    p) TOWING - Vehicles may be towed for any breach of the Co-op's Parking House Rules including, but not limited to, the following infractions:

    • Parking in front of a fire hydrant or in a fire zone

    • Parking in front of a dumpster or driveway

    • Parking on white or yellow striped lines

    • Parking in front of, and blocking, the secondary gate (near Irish Lane)

    • Commercial vehicles in the community after 6 p.m. unless they have received Board approval and have proof of such

    • Parking in handicapped parking spots without a permit

    • Any vehicle left parked on the non-parking side of the street in excess of 15 minutes

    • Parking in a visitor's spot in the area of the assigned spot for your vehicle without a reasonable explanation that is to be determined by the Board of Directors.

    q) Any notice which is sent out by the Managing Agent or Board of Directors which requires a vehicle(s) being moved for the purposes of snow removal, street cleaning, or any other project deemed necessary by the Managing Agent or by the Board must be adhered to. Any vehicle that is not moved or removed for the purposes requested will be towed at the owner's expense and the shareholder(s) concerned will incur a fine. Any fines incurred by the Corporation because of the obstruction of emergency vehicles will be passed all to the shareholder(s) concerned.

    r) All of the above-referenced Parking/Roadway Rules apply to the shareholder and resident as well as the Shareholder(s)' / resident(s)', guests, invitees, and family members. It is incumbent upon Shareholders to advise their visitors of the parking rules and assure that they park ONLY in the designated "Visitor" parking spaces. The Shareholder shall be responsible for any fines/fees incurred by their guest(s) due to any breach of the Co-op's Parking/Roadway House Rules.

    s) ALL EXPENSES FOR TOWING WILL BE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE SHAREHOLDER, RESIDENT OR THE GUEST WHOSE VEHICLE IS TOWED. You must deal directly with the towing company if your vehicle has been towed. Please contact the Superintendent for the towing company's phone number or see the signs around the community for the same number.
    a) No animal/pet shall be kept or harbored in the Shareholder's Apartment unless same shall in each instance have been expressly permitted in writing, in advance, by the Co-op's Board of Directors. No animal shall be permitted in any of the public portions of the buildings/property unless carried or leashed. No pigeons or other birds shall be fed from the windowsills, terr-aces/balconies or in the courtyards or other public portions of the building/property or lawns, sidewalks, or streets that are adjacent to the building. Owners of animals are required under "Pooper Scooper" provisions, as well as these House Rules, to clean up any defecation from their animals regardless of the location of the occurrence. Animals are not permitted to be walked on any common grassy areas, common walkways, etc. Animals are not permitted in the pool house, pool area, laundry room, or sales office at any time. Animals must not be chained, leashed or tied to any terrace, tree, fence, railing, or balcony at any time. Adoptions of all pets are subject to written approval by The Woodlands Board of Directors.

    b) Shareholders must submit a formal request to the Board prior to harboring any pet in the Apartment. This request must list the breed of dog and the projected height at full growth. Shareholders/Residents must also warrant that the pet(s) is housebroken. Shareholders/Residents must warrant that the pet(s) has no history of causing physical harm to persons or property, including but not limited to, biting, scratching, chewing, etc., and further warrant that the pet(s) has no vicious history or tendencies. Once the board approves your pet request, in advance, in writing, you can begin to harbor the requested pet. Such consent, if given, shall be revocable by the Board of Directors or Managing Agent in their sole discretion, at any time.

    c) Once approved, your pet must be registered with The Woodlands and a photo clearly showing the pet must be given to our Superintendent for the Corporation records.

    d) All pets must have up-to-date rabies vaccinations. Yearly proof of this must be submitted to the community via the Managing Agent or Superintendent. Any animal without these vaccinations must be removed from the community.

    e) A non-refundable fee of $250.00 for a dog and $125.00 fee for a cat must be paid with the application requesting approval by the Board for the pet. If approval is not granted, the fee will be returned.

    f) There is a maximum of one (1) dog per Apartment and a maximum of two (2) cats per Apartment. Notwithstanding the foregoing, there is a maximum of two (2) pets per Apartment (i.e. -one (1) dog and one (1) cat or two (2) cats).

    g) Dogs must not exceed eighteen (18") inches in height at the shoulders and shall not weigh more than twenty (20 lbs.) pounds.

    h) All pets must be leashed at all times. Pet(s) may not cause: danger, damage, nuisance, noise, health hazard to, or soil the Apartment, premises, building, grounds, common areas, walks, parking area, landscaping or gardens. Lessees agree to accept full responsibility and liability for any damage, injury, or actions arising from or caused by their pet(s).

    i) All pet owners are required to clean up after their pets. Receptacles are located at each end of the community for the disposal of pet waste.

    j) Pets may be walked on the sidewalks, but are prohibited from being walked on the lawns or flower beds within the community; however, it is permissible for pets to use the grassy area between the sidewalks and the road, with the absolute requirement that the pet owner and/or person walking the pet clean up after their pet.

    k) It is the shareholder's responsibility to control their pet(s) at all times. This includes excessive barking that would disturb other residents. Two (2) complaints may result in a warning letter that will lead to fines and the possibility of the revocation of the approval of the pet, requiring removal of the pet. It is imperative that we respect our neighbors and their expectation of a serene living environment.

    l) Those who live in buildings that have common hallways must have a waterproof doormat placed in front of their Apartment's doorway. This will protect the carpets in the event a pet has "an accident" upon entering or leaving the Apartments.

    m) Cat owners must not flush kitty litter down any drain system at The Woodlands. This includes sinks and toilets. Litter does not freely flow and stays in the sewage pipes creating blockages. In the event that pipes need to be cleared because a shareholder uses this method disposal, the fee for the cleaning and clearing of the pipe(s) will be placed on the shareholder's account and deemed additional maintenance/rent.

    n) Approved cats must remain inside the Shareholder's Apartment and are not permitted to roam freely throughout the community.

    0) Pet waste or unhygienic conditions in the Apartments or in common hallways/areas/decks caused by pets must be cleaned up completely in a manner whereby other shareholders' quality of life is not diminished and so that no health hazard exists. Non-compliance will result in the Shareholder being responsible for any costs for any cleaning by staff and/or outside agents, which costs and expenses will be deemed additional maintenance/rent

    p) It is strongly recommended that your pet have a reflective collar or device that would make them more visible after dusk.

    q) There will be a yearly poll of existing pets at The Woodland. At that time, a form will be given to every shareholder asking if they now have or still have a pet and some basic information will be gathered about the pet, if there is one. The staff will collect forms and check Apartments for compliance. Proof of rabies vaccination needs to also be provided at that time.

    r) Any pets visiting the community that are here for more than one (1) week, or who visit on a regular basis need to meet the same requirements as residents' pets (i.e. prior Board approval). Any injuries or damages incurred by visiting pets will be the shareholder's responsibility.

    s) Pet Exercise Area:
    The community pet exercise area is for use only by shareholders who have registered their pets with The Woodlands. Shareholders must adhere to the following rules for this area:
    • The exercise area is available for use from 8 A.M. until sunset.

    • Please be considerate of Shareholders who reside near the exercise area. No Excessive Barking or noise will be tolerated.

    • Aggressive behavior is not acceptable. If your pet has aggressive tendencies towards other pets, please leave the exercise area and return when the area is completely empty of children and other pets.

    • Pets must be kept on a leash until you are in the exercise area and any gates must be closed upon entering or leaving.

    • There is running water in the exercise area for your pets. There are "pooper scoopers" and garbage pails to clean up after your pets. Please do not use this area as a substitute for walking your pet.

(A) Application to Sublet:

    1. Any Shareholder wishing to sublet his/her apartment must first complete an application form to be furnished by the Co-op's Managing Agent or the Co-op's Board of Directors. The information required in that form shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

      i. the name of the proposed sublessee(s);

      ii. the business and present permanent address of the proposed sublessee(s);

      iii. the Shareholder's address for the term of the sublease;

      iv. the Shareholder's reason for subletting;

      v. prior rental or residential ownership history of the proposed sublessee(s);

      vi. financial and personal references for the proposed sublessee(s);

      vii. Bank accounts of proposed sublessee(s);

      viii. Last two (2) years of tax returns of proposed sublessee(s) and most recent two (2) month's pay stubs for proposed sublessee(s); and

      ix. Photo copy of drivers license(es) of proposed sublessee(s).

    2. The Shareholder shall arrange for the prospective sublessee(s) to complete an application to be provided by the Co-op or its Managing Agent The Shareholder shall submit the completed application to the Co-op' s Managing Agent together with a Sublet Fee of One Hundred and 00/100 ($100.00) Dollars (hereinafter "Sublet Fee") made payable to "The Woodlands Apt. Corp." No application will be considered without the payment of the Sublet Fee.

(B) Credit Report Fee and Processing Fee: At the time of the filing of the application, the Shareholder shall pay to the Co-op or its Managing Agent a non-refundable fee in the amount requested by the Co-op Managing Agent (presently Four 00/100 ($400.00) Dollars) for credit examination and processing of the application for the proposed sublease.

(C) Interview: Provided the credit report is acceptable and after a preliminary review of the application, the Board of Directors of the Co-op, or any designated subcommittee, in its sole discretion, may require an interview with the Shareholder's proposed sublessee(s) and to approve or reject the rental application based upon such criteria that the Board of Directors deems appropriate. The parties are required to bring to the interview any new, supplemental or requested information as may be requested.

(D) Application Disapproved: Following the interview, the Board of Directors will consider the sublet application. If the sublet application is disapproved, the Sublet Fee (but not the Credit Report and Processing Fees) will be refunded to the Shareholder.

(E) Sublease Agreement: Upon approval of the sublet application, a Sublease Agreement ("Agreement") prepared by the Co-op or its Managing Agent will be forwarded to the Shareholder for execution by the Shareholder and Subtenant. Two copies of the Agreement must then be returned to the Co-op's Managing Agent. Only the Sublease Agreement provided by the Co-op will be accepted and shall include, among other provisions, an assumption by sublessee of the applicable provisions of the Proprietary Lease and the Co-op's House Rules.

(F) Copies of Lease and House Rules: The Shareholder shall also furnish his/her sublessee with a copy of the Standard Proprietary Lease of the Co-op and the Co-op's House Rules, and the sublessee must acknowledge in writing that he/she has fully read and is bound by same, to the extent applicable.

(G) Limitation in Number of Sublets: The number of sublet apartments permitted in the Co-op is presently limited to no more than a maximum twelve (12%) percent of the apartments. The Co-op's Board of Directors reserves the right to reduce the number of Sublet apartments or completely eliminate same at any time in the Co-op's Board of Directors' sole discretion.

(H) Length of Sublease: The length of any sublease is limited to one (1) year at a time.

(I) Residency and Listing Requirements as Prereguisite to Subletting: No apartment may be sublet for the first two (2) years of a Shareholder's ownership and residency. In addition, the Shareholder must have resided in the apartment for at least two (2) years immediately preceding the sublet request. The foregoing provision only applies to Sublease Agreements entered into after the effective date of this Resolution and only for Shareholders who just became Shareholders of the Co-op after the effective date of this Resolution.

(J) Move In Fee and Move Out Fee: The Shareholder/sublessor shall be responsible for payment of a non-refundable Move In Fee in the amount of Three Hundred and 00/100 ($300.00) Dollars and a non-refundable Move Out Fee in the amount of Three Hundred and 00/100 ($300.00) Dollars.

(K) Sublet Fee: The Shareholder/sublessor shall be responsible for the payment of an annual Sublet Fee in the amount of five (5%) percent of the monthly maintenance per month for the duration of the sublease to "THE WOODLANDS APT. CORP.". As a condition to any approval to sublet, Shareholder agrees and acknowledges said Sublet Fee is deemed additional maintenance/rent pursuant to the terms of said Shareholder's Proprietary Lease and, as such, nonpayment of any Sublet Fee is a default under the Proprietary Lease and a ground for termination of the Proprietary Lease and Sublease Agreement.

(L) Prior to taking occupancy, sublessee(s) must furnish the Board of Directors with proof of insurance with limits acceptable to the Board of Directors naming The Woodlands Apt. Corp., its Managing Agent, if any, and the Board of Directors as additional insured and providing a thirty (30) day notice of cancellation.

(M) Failure of a Shareholder/Landlord to pay any fees for the violations of the rules and regulations by the sublessee(s) shall cause the sublease to be automatically terminated.

(N) All sublessee(s) who are adults over twenty-one (21) years of age who will reside in the Apartment must be on the sublease as a sublessee(s).

(o) The sublessee(s) shall be permitted to enjoy the use of the facilities of the community in lieu of and subject to the same restrictions and limitations as the Shareholder for the duration of the lease.

(P) Failure of a Shareholder to comply fully with these House Rules and the terms of the Proprietary Lease and/or sublease of the Apartment in disregard of same will result in an administrative fee of Seventy five and 00/100 ($75.00) Dollars per day for every day the Apartment is occupied in violation of the foregoing. This is in addition to any other remedies available to the Co-op.

(Q) Standard Sublease Agreement: All Shareholders subletting their apartments must use The Woodlands Apt. Corp.' s Sublease Agreement form.

(R) Order of Applications: All applications for subletting shall be considered on a first come, first served basis, provided the foregoing procedures are followed.

(S) Amendment of Rules: These rules and regulations governing subletting of apartments may be amended from time to time by the Board of Directors, in accordance with the By-Laws of the Co-op.


Construction and/or any type of contracting work being performed for Shareholders must adhere to the following procedures. These procedures apply to any situation where materials are transported into and from the building or work is being performed inside an Apartment:

    a) The Managing Agent must be notified in writing of any proposed construction/renovation to be done in the Apartment. Lessee must follow the instructions of the attached Appendix #1 "Apartment Renovation Policy". Under no circumstances can work begin without permission from the Board of Directors via notification by the Managing Agent.

    b) Lessees who sublet their Apartment are responsible for all repairs, and renovations.

    c)The Lessee must advise contractors that noise-producing work can only be carried out between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on weekdays and 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. on Saturdays. Non-noise producing work, such as painting, wallpapering and laying of floor tiles (not the cutting of tiles) may be done on Saturdays and Sundays between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Lessees should advise neighbors when work will be performed. There shall be no work performed on holidays.

    d) Lessees are responsible for monitoring contractors' work including:

      (a) Ensuring that all tools, equipment and building materials are brought into and removed from the Building through the rear entrances;

      (b) Ensuring that contractors exercise care to avoid damage to carpet covered floors in the lobby and hallways wallpaper and paint surfaces, elevator bucks and cab; and

      (c) Ensuring that debris is removed from the Building and that the residue is cleaned up from the carpeting and floors by the contractor or Lessee.

    e) Where possible, neighboring Lessees should be notified in advance of noise producing construction work. If plumbing type work requires that Building-wide water valves be shut off, the Managing Agent should be notified at least five (5) days in advance so that all Building residents can be given advance warning through signs posted by the Superintendent.

    f) Shareholders must secure all required building, plumbing, electrical and other permits required by the State of New York, Town of Islip and County of Suffolk and provide two (2) copies of same to the Co-op prior to the commencement of work.

    g) All debris must be removed from the premises by the contractor and at the Shareholder's sole cost and expense.

    h) Shareholders must also supply the Co-op with the following:

        (i) A letter from the Shareholder(s) requesting authorization to perform the alteration, outlining the item(s) for replacement, removal, improvement, and/or repair.

        (ii) Alteration/Work Agreement: A completed and signed Alteration Agreement must be submitted by the Shareholder(s) requesting authorization.

        (iii) Proposal/Contracts - Copies of all contractor/subcontractor proposals or contracts which describes the work (in detail) to be completed in the Apartment, the commencement date of the work and the estimated completion date.

        (iv) Drawings/Sketches/Plans - Drawings and/or Plans of the area(s) being altered, providing a view preceding the alteration and view upon the completion of work.

        (v) Licenses and Certifications - Evidence of the appropriate licenses of all contractors who will be performing the work reflecting the contractor's ability to perform the work in New York State, Towm of Islip and Suffolk County. In the event the work at issue involves painted surfaces, evidence of the Contractor Certification as required by
        section 402 (c)(3) of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) and with the EPA's Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Program.

        (vi) Certificate of Liability insurance for all contractors and sub-contractors that will be perfonning the work. The certificates should name you (the Lessee) as certificate holder. The Co-op's legal name -The Woodlands Apt. Corp. and the Co-op's Management Company should be named as additional insured's (also needed for each sub-contractor, plumber, electrician, etc.).

        (vii) Certificate of Worker's Compensation insurance, with the Lessee, The Woodlands Apt. Corp. and its Managing Agent as certificate holder.

        (viii) Each contractor and subcontractor performing work MUST SUPPLY A COPY OF THEIR HOME IMPROVEMENT LICENSE (plumber, electrician, etc.).

        (ix) Copy of building permit from the Town of Islip (if applicable).

    i) No work shall be permitted or commenced unless the Co-op's Board of Directors and/or Property Manager is in receipt of all of the documents, information and payment listed above and same is/are approved in writing.

    j) Shareholders and their contractors must obey any directions given to them by the Co-op's Property Manager and/or Board of Directors.

    k) A $500.00 refundable deposit must be submitted to the Managing Agent prior to the start date of any work. Upon completion of the renovations, the deposit will be returned. Any damage to the common areas will be the responsibility of the Lessee. The cost of such repairs will be deducted from the deposit and deemed additional maintenance under the Co-op's Proprietary Lease pursuant to the Proprietary Lease and as such, non-payment of same shall be considered nonpayment of maintenance and shall accordingly entitle the Co-op to the remedies set forth in the Proprietary Lease for non-payment of maintenance. Any violation of these Rules will result in a fine to be determined by the Board of Directors in accordance with the fine schedule set forth in Rule 40 herein below, and will be charged directly to the account of the Lessee. This provision shall not limit the Lessor's remedies and the Lessor is entitled to seek remedies provided by these House Rules, the Proprietary Lease and By-Laws, and those permitted by law.

    l) Prior to any renovation, a lead based paint test that follows EPA recognized rules must be completed and the results thereof submitted along with all other documents required. Presently the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has implemented a new rule in work areas where lead based paint might exist. According to the new EPA rule, all contractors who perform renovations that could possibly disturb lead based paint in buildings must be certified and adhere to strict work-related practices to prevent lead contamination. Anyone that intends to perform work that could disturb paint must be certified to perform same in order to comply with the new EPA rule. The certified renovator is responsible for ensuring compliance with the work practice standards of this regulation. Therefore, please make sure your contractor is duly certified for handling lead based paint and that your contractor complies with this and all other environmental rules relating to your construction work. Submit copy of EPA Certification along with other docwnents. NOT NEEDED IF TEST COMES BACK NEGATIVE.

    m) If during the renovation the presence of asbestos is suspected or detected, work must stop immediately and a certified asbestos inspector must be hired by the Lessee to sample and test the Apartment for the presence of asbestos as per State Code Rule Part S6 Title 12 NY Rule and Regulations Section 5.1A. Test results must be submitted prior to or with other required paperwork for the application. Should the results reflect the presence of asbestos, any required abatement would be the responsibility oft he Lessee to address prior to renovation and follow up testing will be required, along with submittal of updated results. It is recommended that the assessment be completed by a separate firm from the one that does the abatement work in order to avoid a conflict of interest. The test results must be submitted along with other required documents.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise herein above, the Lessee shall pay the following fines for any violation
of the Lessor's House Rules:

    a) Warning letter for the first violation of the House Rules.

    b) Seven (7) days aftcr receipt of a Warning Letter, if the violation is not cured there will be a $75.00 fine EACH DAY thereafter until proof that the infraction has been remedied and management has inspected.

    c) $150.00 for the third violation of the same House Rule previously violated or continued violation of said House Rule after the expiration of any cure period. An additional fine may be assessed for each day the violation continues.

    d) $300.00 for any fourth and each subsequent violation. An additional fine may be assessed for each day the violation continues.

    e) The foregoing fines are not the exclusive remedy of the Lessor. The Board of Directors may take any other action permitted under the Proprietary Lease and By-Laws, and any legal action authorized by law, rule or regulation in order to enforce and seek compliance with the Co-op's House Rules. Such action may be taken simultaneously with the assessment of the above referenced fine(s).

    f) The fine(s) set forth herein above shall be deemed additional rent/maintenance and shall be assessed and collected in the same manner as maintenance pursuant to the Lessor's Proprietary Lease and By-Laws.

    g) The fine(s) shall be deemed the responsibility of the Lessee. lf not timely paid, the Co-op shall have the right to collect and enforce the payment of same in the same manner as Maintenance as provided in the Co-op's Proprietary Lease and ByLaws.

    h) The amount assessed for each fine may be changed by the Board of Directors at any meeting of the Board of Directors.

    i) The fine(s) shall be the responsibility of the Shareholders regardless of whether the violation of the House Rule(s) was by the Shareholder Tenant(s) or any other occupant, guest or visitor of the Lessee(s)/Tenant(s).




Please be advised that the foregoing House Rules are effective immediately.

Very truly yours,
Board of Directors
The Woodlands Apt. Corp